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North Sydney Vipul 17 July 2023

Case Study - North Sydney

Method - Pre-auction
Area of Sydney - Lower North Shore

Brief – The clients had been struggling to find a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom home within a tight budget due to changes in the First Time Home Buyers Stamp Duty Choice rules. They engaged our services based on our reputation and their belief that we had their best interests at heart.

Accomplishment – Our team successfully completed a challenging mission by exceeding our client’s expectations in terms of their brief, budget, and deadline. Within just 21 days, we presented three potential properties to the clients. The first was a pre-market home, albeit facing a main road. The second was an off-market property advertised through our database, which was perfect but sold for a record price. Finally, we found a completely off-market property with only a verbal description and floorplan. We inspected it at 12:30 pm, and by 5:30 pm the same day, contracts were exchanged with a cooling-off period.

Service – Several factors contributed to our success in this mission. Both the clients and our team were highly responsive and engaged throughout the search, working together as a team. We made ourselves available at short notice to inspect properties, recognizing the limited opportunities available. Despite the tight timeframe and budget, we remained determined and never gave up hope, believing that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Extensive research and due diligence before the property inspection allowed us to make quick decisions. Lastly, we maintained focus to complete the deal on the same day, leveraging the cooling-off period.

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