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Meet the Founder admin 23 April 2022

Meet the Founder

Hello, I am Vipul Nagji. I established Inform Buyers to add value to the property buying experience, as I observed that the Australian property market is significantly weighted in the favour of the seller and buyers are extremely under-represented. As a long-term, value-oriented investor, I have amassed an impressive personal global property portfolio and experience transacting in five different countries. With my background in varied property markets and my passion for helping others, my mission is to share information and expertise to empower you to make sensible, informed decisions wherever you are in your property journey.
Vipul Nagji Inform Buyers founder
As a qualified Chartered Accountant, my rational approach helps you make an informed decision, where you can better understand the risks and value for money of a property against your goals. Being an economist and a realist, I help you think about the local and global macro-economic environment and how it could impact your decision making. My former career in Funds Management and three decades of experience in investment markets provide you with an investor lens to evaluate your prospective property and consider asset diversification. You can leverage this breadth of experience to gain unique insights and a holistic perspective into the property landscape to maximise your happiness and grow your wealth.

When I migrated from the UK to Australia in 2012, I became instantly active in the Sydney property market, which I found quite unusual relative to other property markets globally. I have attended countless inspections and auctions, with property acquisitions for owner occupiers and investors that include Torrens title, renovation projects, strata managed, heritage listed, and cashflow positive and negative properties. My knowledge and research of the local market and extensive network of relationships gives you a significant advantage in a challenging environment, including access to properties, inside knowledge, and buying strategies to help secure your ideal property.

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