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Forestville admin 9 May 2022

Case Study - Forestville

Method - Off-market
Area of Sydney - Forest District

Brief – Our clients were a large family who engaged our services being fed up with sacrificing their Saturdays to search for property at a time when supply was short and competition fierce. They needed something that was within the catchment of Killarney Heights High School and were open to different ideas with respect to buy and renovate or buy and enjoy immediately.

Accomplishment – we shortlisted several off-market and pre-market opportunities and within 11 days of taking our full search service, secured them an excellent off-market block of land at a fantastic price, set in a prime location where they could build their dream home.

Service – Sourced off-market through our relationship with a local real estate agent. Offers were invited by a particular deadline for consideration by the vendor. We beat the competition by a slim margin and favourable contractual terms, including a five-day cooling off period. In parallel, we confirmed with the Council and arborists that a large fig tree (with an invasive root system) could be removed without permission and even obtained two quotes for the client in the process

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