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FAQ - Most common questions

Buying a quality property at the best price, particularly in Sydney, requires you to have a lot of time to research, filter, and inspect properties that meet your criteria. It requires you to talk to real estate agents regularly to source new supply, follow-up on inspections and understand your competition. It requires expertise to conduct comprehensive due diligence to ensure you understand what you are buying. It requires you to have the necessary negotiation skills to secure the ideal property at the best price and contractual terms.

Our clients benefit from our agent relationships to gain early access to off-market and pre-market properties staying one step ahead of your competition. Our clients use our property expertise, industry relationships and adept negotiation skills to make the buying process far less complicated, stressful and time consuming. Our clients use our experience and perspective to gain reassurance and confidence in making an informed decision about one of their largest investments. Our clients have nothing to lose through our buyer guarantee offer and ultimately secure their ideal property at the best price and contractual terms.

Individuals have different needs so we suggest that you assess the timing of your purchase against your specific needs taking into consideration your personal circumstances, investment goals and affordability.

We often say to our clients that it is impossible to accurately predict the direction of property prices so if you have a need to buy property then just buy well in the prevailing market. In the process, understand the key market drivers influencing property supply, demand and pricing at that time. It is important to buy well so that you have the best opportunity for asset growth over the long term as well as some protection in the short term to withstand any market ups and downs.

Saying that, we always have an opinion on the current market so please reach out for no obligation, free consultation to hear more about our current views and learn some tips on how to navigate the current market.
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