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Business Values admin 23 April 2022

Inform Buyers are proud to be guided and driven by our Business Values which form a fundamental role in all hiring decisions.

Client Centric
Our clients’ interests always come first and before our own interests. By generating value and servicing our clients well, our own success will follow.
We operate a client for life model and offer our clients a holistic perspective. We encourage our clients to reach out to us at any time in order to gain our opinion and perspective when thinking about or undertaking life changing decisions.
We are committed to being experts in our field and seize every opportunity to further develop our knowledge. Our clients value this expertise and natural curiosity for more knowledge which builds trust in our advice, guidance and perspective.
We take accountability when making commitments and ensure that they are realistic and achievable. Our actions speak louder than words and we pride ourselves on delivering what we say we will do.

We operate in a highly competitive environment and are skilled in nurturing long-term relationships, using judgement and negotiation. We recognise the need to navigate and manage conflict of interest and unethical practices in our field.

We aspire to be recommended for the service, expertise and value that we provide and only recommend those who we trust can deliver the same experience.

We genuinely care about our clients, community, people and industry partners. We strive to do the right thing in everything that we do and actively contribute to society.

We are self-aware and continuously strive for improvement. We believe it is important to recognise and build on our strengths whilst developing areas of improvement through actively seeking and inviting constructive feedback.


We can be trusted with confidential information and take care in how the information is used. It would be unthinkable to breach a confidence or to use confidential information carelessly or improperly.

We are honest, open and transparent with our clients and actively share relevant information with others. We expect our people to maintain high ethical standards, both in their work and in their personal lives.

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